Sugar Baby Acitivity Walker & Table


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Baby walking aids toys,

which serves to help maintain the balance of your child's steps when learning to stand and walk. 

Can be turned into a table and equipped with toys that add to the fun of the little one and to develop motor skills and curiosity of the little one.

Product Features :

1. There are 2 modes: Push Walker and Acitivity Table ( pushed and used as a table to play)

2. Helping children to learn to walk with interesting songs and colors

3. Train coordination and balance

4. Many toys specially designed to train fine motor

5. There are songs and toys that light up interesting for children to learn songs, colors and shapes.

6. Can be used as a table to play. Children learn to stand while playing or playing while sitting on the floor

7. There are basketball baskets and bonus balls to play ball toss

8. Safety of toys has been certified by European standards EN 71 and SNI

9. Plastic material good frame thick (not thin easy crack). There is a ballast option on the walker's leg with the contents of the water 

10. Wheels can be locked 

➡️ Available 2 colors:

- Blue Green and

- Red Blue

➡️ For ages 6 months and above

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