Sugar Baby Bouncher Infant Seat Little Sailor


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Is a baby folding chair that is light & practically designed versatile, in addition to being used to put the baby while sunbathing, playing and relaxing, this product is also very suitable to be carried while traveling.

With complete features, this product will always make the baby cheerful throughout the day.

Using battery : AA 2pcs(excluding battery)

Age Advice: 0 months to maximum weight of 9kg Child

Size: 35 x 8 x 36 cm

Weight: 2 kg

Product advantages:

 1. Equipped with travel bag is very suitable and very comfortable for traveling and so on

 2. Equipped with music to support brain development and gentle vibrations can calm the baby

 3. There are two cute and unique hanging toys that can be easily reached by the baby and can be shifted to adjust to the posture and position of the baby

 4. Toys support motor and sensory skills of infants

 5. Equipped with three safety points to keep the baby safe

 6. Soft head pads for your baby

7. Madah cleaned and cloth (Seat Pad) seating can be washed

8. Has three backrest positions that can be changed as needed

9. BPA Free products (free from toxic chemicals) so it is safe for the health of your child

10. Has been tested and meets European safety standards EN12790 so that it is guaranteed quality

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