Sanosan Care Lotion 200ML


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Sanosan Care Lotion protects and balances skin moisture with the content of:

Milk protein that provides natural moisture for the skin and hair, beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. milk proteins form a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture naturally;

Organic Olive Oil can smooth and soften the skin;

Shea Butter protects the skin from UV and bacterial rays, prevents skin disorders, and moisturizes the skin;

Camomile takes care of the outermost layer of the skin, as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient;

Bisabolol protects the skin and is antibacterial.

Sanosan Care Lotion supports and maintains the skin's natural moisture from dryness.

Why Sanosan??

Made In German
Clinically tested
No parabens silicone paraffin oil.

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