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Baby care cream is the NO. 1 hypoallergenic skin moisturizer in Germany. Very helpful in protecting the skin from the baby's buttock area as well as quickly relieve inflammation of the nappy / buttocks area. Doctor's Recommendations : Allergies Eczema Milliariasis Dianjurkan Oleh Dokter : Pembersih kulit hypoallergenic (tidak menimbulkan alergi) NO. 1 di Jerman. Sangat membantu dalam melindungi kulit dari daerah bokong bayi serta dengan cepat meredakan radang dari daerah nappy / bokong. Mengandung 36% lipid lecithin yang menjadi bagian sistem hidrolipid kulit. Kandungan squalane membuat lapisan perlindungan kulit. Ingredient : Dexa phanthenol, Bisabolol Usage Rules : Wipe Sebamed Baby Care Cream lotion on all parts of the body, especially the arms and legs. Sebamed Baby helps to create and stabilize the natural protection of the outer skin by maintaining the pH of 5.5 children's skin, so that the skin of the child becomes healthy and clean. Has a level of acidity with ph 5.5 with which is able to maintain the moisture balance of the skin and create an indispensable protective layer of skin during the first months of birth This product is safe to use since newborn baby because this soap is 100% free of alkali and soap-free. Does not contain harmful chemicals. Paraben-free, soap-free, mercury-free, retinoic acid-free, salicylic acid-free, PABA-free (HALAL) and hydroquinone-free, and has passed dermatological tests. Sebamed products Made and natural elements of plants.

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