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Onnoka Cool Smile B Training Toothpaste Raspberry 60 Gr

COOL SMILE B Training Toothpaste is a child-friendly training toothpaste for ages 0-3 and made from natural ingredients without fluoride. Its organic extracts can prevent cavities and rotting teeth, kill bacteria, protect gums, eliminate bad breath and provide a calming sensation. 

Advantages of COOL SMILE B Training Toothpaste: 

Made from quality organic materials due to processing that has passed Ecocert and USDA testing

 Does not contain fluoride 

 Does not contain hazardous materials, such as MIT/CMIT 

 No artificial dyes & artificial sweeteners

 No Triclosan & parabens

 Does not contain Surfactant Synthesis SLS/SLES, etc. 

 Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which help children stay healthy 

 Make white teeth without synthetic materials 

With Ecocert and USDA Assessment Certification, COOL SMILE B Training Toothpaste has been proven to be a safe toothpaste for your baby. The product is equipped with a safety seal and is easy to open with a Secure flip cap section. Suitable for children aged 0-3.

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