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ISI = 24PCS 

Merries is a baby diaper specially designed for baby soft skin. Considering baby's skin has a different sensitivity to adult skin so for mothers should be more selective in the selection of diapers, because mistakes in the selection of diapers can cause irritation to your baby's skin. Merries Pants Good Skin Baby Diapers have quality materials with Soft Air System that will keep the baby's skin soft. 

Merries Pants Good Skin diaper capacity that makes it dry even though peeing many times so that mothers do not have to worry about leaks that often occur in diapers with other brands. Merries Pants Good Skin baby diapers also have a quality diaper coating and are perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

Mothers should be aware that the cause of irritation occurs in the baby's skin that rubs against the rough surface of the diaper and also in moist conditions in the diaper when the liquid has not been absorbed properly. Therefore Merries Pants Good Skin is the right solution with soft materials and fast absorption to maintain the baby's skin.

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