Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream 100ml


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Deskripsi Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream 100ml Baby Diapers Rash Cream For 79% of all test persons, the dermatologist recommends this product for skin care in the diaper area. Rekomendasi Dokter Di 85 Negara Berbeda Untuk (Fungsi) : Allergies Diaper Rash Kenapa Dianjurkan Oleh Dokter (Deskripsi) : Relieve diaper rash while maintaining skin. Contains lipid complex with squalane and lecithin. Panthenol helps heal wounds and helps regenerate the skin. Titanium dioxide and paraffin build a skin protector from the aggressive constituents of body impurities. Professor J. Wetzel's research shows a significant improvement in skin health conditions in just 3 weeks.

Size: 100 ml

Active Ingredient : Squalane, Lechitin, Titanium Dioxide, Honey Wax Usage Rules : Gently wipe the baby's buttocks when changing diapers, or on the folds of the skin to add moisture. Special Attention : In order for the diaper rash to heal immediately, leave the area around the baby's buttocks open without using diapers for as long as possible. It is also recommended that mother immediately change the wet diaper immediately. For external use only.

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